Mobile technology is changing everything we do, it is leading the next wave of computing growth

At m8 Capital all we do is mobile, we are passionate about it. New computing cycles have commenced every ten years and each new cycle is generating ten times the previous install base.

Analysts predict that mobile phones will have overtaken PC's as the most common way to access the Internet by 2013. For a vast percentage of the world's population mobile will be the only way they connect to the Internet.

We believe services, products and information are becoming more pervasive, more relevant, and more convenient as the mobile and tablet revolution continues to power forward across all corners of the globe. Therefore we invest in mobile companies across the globe.

Ideally we are seeking the opportunity to invest at the growth capital stage of an enterprise's development, but for the opportunity to work with exceptional management teams, we will invest at earlier stages of a company's capital requirement.

Areas that we are interested in investing into within the mobile space include: Mobile Advertising, Social Applications, Mobile Games, Payments & Virtual Goods, Financial Services, Media Delivery & Services, Augmented Reality, Mobile Commerce and Mobile-oriented cloud-based services.

How we work with our companies

We look to support companies that are positioning themselves to be at the forefront of all things mobile.

Because everything we focus on, talk about and invest in is mobile, we have been able to create a unique ecosystem around our fund that benefits our entrepreneurs on a number of levels:

1: Mobile carriers, OEMs and technology giants from across the globe see us as an "ear on the ground" in the mobile space. They are keen to meet with our companies, gather insight about different sectors of mobile and offer support on a product and marketing level.

2: We are passionate about mobile and our companies so we use every opportunity at conferences, meetings or other events to talk about our portfolio companies. Every year we speak to thousands of people in hundreds of companies about how our portfolio companies are developing. We believe it's vital to share our network with our entrepreneurs, to make the right introductions, help with hiring and their strategy to allow our companies to excel at what they do best.

3: Because all of our companies are in the mobile space we encourage them to work together where appropriate, exchanging knowledge, technology or to work together on business development opportunities.

We look forward to sharing our passion of everything mobile with you.